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Fall Services


LEAVES, LEAVES, LEAVES... Fall is the time for Cleaning Up! 


Fall provides the opportunity to prepare for the harsh winter months ahead. New winterizing fertilizers and leaf removal. Leaves can harbor insects that also may contribute to disease of your lawn and garden.

Call to schedule your clean up and maintenance now for when the leaves fall.

  • Recover from Summer heat and promote health & vigor with our exclusive Fall Maintenance Program which replenishes essential nutrients back into your lawn and gardens. Fall is the best time to plant and prepare for next season. Start now!


  • Defend against the effects of wind, snow & ice with professional pruning, cabling and bracing of your trees and shrubs.

  • Fall Clean Up for Your Yard

  • Fertilize Lawn for the Late Season

  • Expert and Professional Removal of Dead Trees 

  • Stump Grinding & Pruning

  • Land Clearing & Bamboo removal

  • Warm up outside with a Firepit!

  • Install a fence for privacy and wind protection

  • Order wood for your fireplace or firepit - Full and half cords

Tree Services and Lawn Care Services for Home and Commercial Properties

by Your Local Professional Landscaper - Chris Mohr Landscaping & Masonry

Now is the time to contact a tree, shrub and lawn care service professional that can help get your property looking its best. Chris Mohr Landscaping & Masonry, can help ensure your trees and plantings are beautiful, healthy and safe all season long. Our suite of services include the following.
Tree Service and Shrub Care
Trees are the heart of any landscape, so caring for trees and shrubs is at the heart of our service. Professional shrub and tree service performed by certified arborists and highly trained crews can help you create an outdoor living environment that is beautiful, healthy and safe.

Our tree service begins with an inspection of your trees, shrubs and landscape. Our highly trained experts can diagnose any problems, make recommendations based upon years of experience, and provide a tree service estimate at no charge.
Among our tree services are:
Tree pruning
Tree fertilizing
Disease treatment
Emergency tree service
Tree removal

Let our tree, shrub and lawn care service professionals help get your property looking its best.

Phone: 631-765-4617

Fall is a great time to get a grip on weeds and prepare for the winter. Leaves will need to be cleaned away from your house and yard, so call now to set up your FALL  YARD CLEAN UP!


Chris Mohr Specializes in Fall Maintenance Programs.

Fall Yard Clean Up

Fall clean up for your yard or business. We will take care of the mess and all the rest.

Fall is a beautiful time of the year. Enjoy the outside longer with a beautiful Fire Pit!

Chris Mohr has been installing Fire Pits for many years and folks are really loving them!

Not only for the Summer, but warm up around the fire pit in the FALL!

                              Customized designs with benches. 


Plant Trees & Shrubs

Chris Mohr will clear the way for you to plant trees or fruit trees.

Fall is the time for most trees and shrubs to set their roots and be perfect for next year.

Chris Mohr Landscaping can clear the land or remove old trees to plant new ones.


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