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Snow Blower

Winter Services 

Professional & Reliable



At Chris Mohr Landscaping & Masonry, our dedication to servicing Eastern Long Island's North Fork, is second to none. As a leader in snow removal and snow plowing, our team of experienced snow removal experts are on call during any snowstorm.  We are quick to act on the winter storms - From snow shoveling sidewalks to clearing out entire parking lots, our services can benefit any business or home owner affected by a winter storm.


Snow Plowing - Commercial or Residential


Sign up now and be prepared! Chris Mohr will help you to find the best way to manage ice and snow removal. Leading a large fleet of snow plow trucks, snow blowers, and crews, our snow removal team services everything from homeowners to businesses.  


Our snow removal team is on alert and preparing for snow in advance so your property and parking lots will be clear and safe for your tenants and those that visit your site.


Sidewalk Cleaning


Keeping walkways and steps clear from ice and snow insures safe passage for both employees and visitors. During snow storms we work hard to keep your sidewalks clear and safe, scheduling return visits when storm systems stagnate and continually dump snow and freezing rain.


Chris Mohr Landscaping & Masonry has the manpower, snow plows, and snow blowers to get the job done in an efficient and timely manner.


We offer a full range of services applicable to your properties’ needs to keep those walkways and steps safe and accessible for the duration of the storm and beyond.


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Tree Services and Lawn Care Services for Home and Commercial Properties

by Your Local Professional Landscaper - Chris Mohr Landscaping & Masonry



Snow Removal and Maintenance
 Tree Service and Shrub Care

Emergency Snow and Tree Pruning

Trees are the heart of any landscape, so caring for trees and shrubs is at the heart of our service. Winter can take it's toll on shrubs and trees. Professional shrub and tree service performed by certified arborists and highly trained crews can help you create an outdoor living environment that is beautiful, healthy and safe.

Our tree service begins with an inspection of your trees, shrubs and landscape. Our highly trained experts can diagnose any problems, make recommendations based upon years of experience, and provide a tree service estimate at no charge.
Winter storms cause tree damage:
Tree pruning
Tree fertilizing
Emergency tree service
Tree removal

Let our tree, shrub and lawn care service professionals help get your property looking its best.
Learn more about our Tree Services… 

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